5 Tips for Online Marketing on a Budget

businesswoman and plan business strategy
businesswoman and plan business strategy

As it’s been said, you need to spend money to make money. It may sound counterintuitive, but there’s a great deal of truth in this phrase. If you want people to buy your book cover software, you have to tell them about it through marketing. This isn’t a big deal for Fortune 500 companies, but it can be tough for small businesses on a budget. To start you off on the right foot, below are several budget-friendly online marketing tips.

Learn About Your Market


Before you waste your valuable resources in selling plr graphics, you should identify your target market by age, gender, location and interests. Find out what social media outlets they use, and once you know your audience, you can use that information to develop a strategy to sell your ecover maker.

Set a Marketing Budget

Cutting costs

Once you’ve found your target audience and established attainable goals, it’s time to put together a budget for marketing your niche plr blogs. According to SBA.gov, most businesses set aside a portion of the projected gross revenue. 3-5% is a great starting point, but you should consider your niche, your business and its growth projections before settling on an amount.

Learn Marketing Basics


Most people can handle their own marketing duties, but they may not know the fundamentals. They’re not expensive to learn, and it takes only a couple of hours per week. Watch videos, participate in webinars and listen to industry podcasts to learn the basics of selling ecover design services.

Brand Yourself

business man hand point to branding diagram

To be successful in marketing a free plr ebooks download, you’ll need to set yourself apart from your competitors—and the best place to start is with a well-designed website. Buy a domain name that matches that of your business, and purchase a hosting package. Following that, you should establish a social media presence and ensure your website has your contact information and a call to action that allows your customers to buy your products and services.

Blog Away

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Now that you have a website running, you’ll need content—and lots of it! Some good content to include on a company blog is that which showcases your industry expertise. Whatever you write about, ensure that your content is high quality, consistent and relevant enough to engage your target market. When you have all that, you can bring more traffic to your site, thereby gaining more links and generating more leads. Share your blog content on social networks such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, with tools such as HootSuite and Buffer.

There are so many people selling PLR materials that it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from your competitors. However, there are ways you can make yourself stand out. By following the tips above, you can market yourself and your products—without spending too much money on advertising.